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I believe in a hands-on approach to learning. By the end of the first day, most students are able to weld. I also encourage students to find a project they’re passionate about, and I provide guidance and support as they bring their ideas to life. If you’re interested in learning mental arts, I would be thrilled to have you and help you create your own metal arts project.

Our property is located in Vancouver, Washington! Situated on a picturesque 7-acre plot, our unique establishment offers a blend of history and creativity. At the heart of our property is a charming 1920s barn, accompanied by a side building that was originally used for milking cows. We have thoughtfully repurposed these structures into dedicated spaces for artistic pursuits, featuring a pottery studio and a welding studio.


Welding rates are $50 an hour with me as an instructor. When student has learned how to weld and use all tools and machinery and well versed in safety, that person can use my shop (without instructor) and tools at a $30 an hour rate.


"I've been taking welding classes from Larry since January and am having a blast! He is incredibly supportive, both in terms of building skills and sparking creativity. Together we built a small statue, a large caddy for kitchen utensils, a frame for a wall sconce, and multiple outdoor plant stands. Your creativity is the only limitation to what you can create in Larry's studio. He can take a loose concept of what you want and help give it life. His skills in welding, bending, cutting, and grinding metal give you so many opportunities to create just about anything. Plus, he has a great sound system and great playlists to work to." 

Jules K.

"I loved visiting Larry Holt’s studio where Larry demonstrated achievable techniques and then patiently taught me to weld in just one afternoon. Getting introductory lessons into this skill/art within the beautiful country setting of his studio was an added treat! With Larry’s help and patient instruction, I was able to complete my project in just two visits. I highly recommend learning from this craftsman-artist!"

Ron K.

"Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!  My dad is clearly an expert and still a patient and helpful teacher. He’s going to help you build skills and make it fun in the process.”


“Larry is an amazing teacher! I loved learning to weld with someone so patient and willing to help. He worked with me to create an art piece I had been dreaming up, and helped me make my vision into reality. His hands on approach to learning all the skills and tools in the metal shop is perfect for anyone looking to dive into a new process of making. Thanks Larry for the great lessons and time together!”

Ansley G

“I highly recommend Larry Holt as a welding instructor. He is a retired pipe fitter and a master at problem solving. He has helped me with several projects, and the results were amazing. Larry is truly excited about welding and creating. His easy-going personality helps make welding an attainable skill. He has created a very comprehensive and organized shop. I think he has every idea, tool and guidance for any project you can imagine. He is encouraging, positive, and a great guy to hang out with. Finally, yet, another plus, his excellent taste in music, while you are learning to weld.”

Steve D.

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