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I'm a Vancouver-based artist specializing in metal sculptures and silversmithing. After retiring as a union pipe fitter in the summer of 2021, I pursued my lifelong dream of dedicating myself to art full-time. Being self-taught, my welding and brazing skills have been instrumental in transforming cold metal into warm, expressive creations.

My portfolio includes whimsical metal sculptures, exquisite bird sculptures, and stunning silver jewelry, which now adorn numerous homes in the area. Beyond that, I indulge in crafting industrial furniture, exploring digital photography, and honing my jewelry-making skills. Over the past seven years, I've passionately developed my silversmithing talents, incorporating glass enamel, sterling silver, copper, and various stones into diverse designs.

Recently, I realized another dream by establishing my own welding studio within a beautifully renovated historic barn, adjacent to my daughter's pottery studio. This venture not only allows me to pursue my craft but also opens doors to community classes and collaborations with fellow local artists.

When not creating the next project, you can find me surrounded by my wife, five grown children, and eight grandchildren, who I just love!

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